Bambi II is the 2006 midquel to the 1942 film Bambi. It is set in the time between when Bambi's mother was killed and the scene after in the first film .The Great Prince takes Bambi to a den where he rests. Bambi wakes up the next day to go see the groundhog where he meets a young buck named Ronno for the first time. Bambi's father is first agitaited With Bambi for freezing when dogs were nearby.  they become friends until Bambi realises that The Great Prince wanted to find a doe to take care of Bambi instead of him, her name is Mena. Bambi is upset by this and then he says goodbye to his friends and gose off with Mena. Ronno then comes and he he makes fun of Bambi by saying his father was ashamed of Bambi to give him away, Bambi angered by this, procedes to ram Ronno and gets into a fight. Mena Tries to stop the fight but Ronno rams Bambi and he falls, bumping Mena into a trap, Meena then tells Ronno and bambi to run. They run but after Bambi realised Meena said what Bambi's mom said before she died Bambi freezes and then he goes to fight the dogs. After he beats the dogs he jumps to his father. The rock crumples and Bambi is now unconcious. His father is sad, thinking that Bambi has died, Bambi wakes up to the joy of The Great Prince. The next day Bambi comes and his antlers are starting to grow. Then the same porcupine seen earlier in the film strikes bambi who leaps forward and his lips touch Faline's. Then he goes off with his father and he shows Bambi where he met his mother.