The Bambi roleplay wiki will have a set of rules for users to follow.

Fan fictionEdit

Fan fiction is allowed on this wiki, but there is a few rules to making fan fiction articles.

  • Excessive profanity is not permitted (it's not needed here)
  • Extreme violence is not allowed for fan fiction (yes, several characters have died throughout the Bambi books (and the first film), but there is no need for excessive blood and gore, leave that to horror films).
  • Do not plagarise other people's works and claim it as being your own.
  • Try to avoid making a crossover for numerous franchises for fan fiction; e.g. crossing Bambi with Borderlands, South park, Wolfenstein, Phineas and Ferb, Regular show, Frozen, Saints row, Red faction, World of tanks,  etc into a story.


  • Anyone can use an existing character or make their own.
  • No insulting other people when roleplaying (or at any time for that matter).

General rulesEdit

  • No spamming (making a roleplay character yell "MDNKSHFASYDGF" is not needed).
  • Include everyone into roleplays.